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Please feel free to share your thoughts about Project Cheers. Please do not use this place to sell or advertise. Keep the subject matter relative to Proas, the project team, and/or single handed ocean sailing. Thank you for respecting this site.

9 thoughts on “Guest book

  1. Dear Halsted – I know Dick Newick was highly cognizant of the good fortune that brought many talented individuals together for PROJECT CHEERS. Your father’s financial support for CHEERS should serve as an example for people of means to seek out and encourage worthwhile ideas.
    Bruce A. Alderson, Artist


  2. Yes, my father did many things that helped a lot of people both in and out of the sailing world. There are a lot of things/projects that he and my Mom did that a lot of the world don’t know about. But, dad was a whole member of the Project Cheers team, he didn’t just write the checks. He was involved in almost every major decision about CHEERS, before during and after the OSTAR race. He enjoyed the CHEERS and THREE CHEERS projects very much.


  3. Hi. My name is Joanie Raetzel and I am Tom Follett’s niece. I remember heading up to Newport, RI, when Uncle Tom was supposed to finish the race, but we had to wait several days until he finally finished. I’m not sure which year it was as I was very young. I found your website tonight and it has brought back many memories. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I found a letter from Daniel Charles dated April 19, 1992 regarding an authorization to show CHEERS in the Conservatoire International de la Plainsance in Bordeaux. I would be happy to share this letter if you don’t have a copy.


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