Photos from the book-

Because the new edition of Project Cheers is not printed on gloss paper, the images lack luster. In this slide show, the images have greater clarity, (even one in color) and appear in the order they do in the book. Permission to reproduce the photos was granted by the copyright heirs, including for photos by Fritz Henle. See for more of his photographic legacy.

Plate 1:
‘Cheers’ under construction: Bernard Rhodes stands by one of the incredibly slim hulls. Photo; Newick

Plate 2:
‘Cheers’ aka being laminated. Spruce glued with resourcinal glue. Photo; Newick

Plate 3:
‘Cheers’ under construction showing the 12mm ply bulkheads bracketing the centerboard trunk, mast, and ‘aka’. Note the 6 laminations in the ‘aka’ (left) Photo; Newick

Plate 4: /
Wallford Galloway, who did most of the building. Photo;Fritz Henle

Plate 5: /
Dick Newick makes some last minute adjustments to one of the masts prior to launching. Photo: Fritz Henle

Plate 6: /
The Launch. Photo: Fritz Henle

Plate 7: /
“Cheers!” (l to r) Pat Newick, Jim Morris, Tom Follett, Dick Newick, Tootie Morris, Dick Eames. Photo Fritz Henle

Plate 8: /
The team prepares ‘Cheers’ for an early sail. Photo; Fritz Henle

Plate 9:
Capsize test carried out before sponson was fitted. In calm water Cheers floated with her masts horizontal. Photo; Newick

Plate 10:
This shot of the same capsize test clearly shows how small her wetted surface is. Photo; Newick

Plate 11:
Looking a bit pensive; Tom Follett prior to setting off on his first solo excursion. Photo Fritz Henle

Plate 12:
Tom Follett leaving St. Croix on his first long solo trial. Note the absence of sponson and anti-dive plates. Photo; Newick

Plate 13:
‘Cheers’ moving along at a fair clip during early trial off St. Croix. Photo; Fritz Henle

‘Cheers’ on an early trial, showing foresail with an experimental sprit instead of a boom. Number 2 jib is set. Compare this picture with plate 19 which shows ‘Cheers’ with her sponson fitted. Photo; Newick

Plate 15:
Another shot taken during early trials, showing large light weather foresail. Photo; Fritz Henle

Plate 16:
This close-up taken during early trials, shows the cockpit layout and the netting very clearly.

Plate 17:
‘Cheers’ showing her paces during trials before the anti-dive plates and sponson were fitted. Photo; Fritz Henle

Plate 18:
Close-up of ‘Cheers’ in action during trials. Photo; Fritz Henle

Plate 19:
A close fetch at high speed during trials. Photo; Fritz Henle

Plate 20:
Sponson and anti-dive plates fitted. Photo; Newick

Plate 21:
A close-up of one of the anti-dive plates. Photo; Fritz Henle

Plate 22:
Tom Follett leaving Christiansted St Croix, Virgin Islands for England on 31st March, 1968. Photo; Fritz Henle

Plate 23:
‘Cheers’ lying alongside her tender ‘Andiamo’ at Millbay Dock, Plymouth prior to the Transatlantic Race. Photo; Peter Wier

Plate 24:
This shot shows the table opposite the berth. Photo; believed to be by Peter Wier

Plate 25:
Tom Follett’s quarters for such long voyaging were cramped, to say the least. Here you see his bunk in the windward hull. Photo; Peter Wier

Plate 26:
Home after the race. ‘Cheers’ looks just as spick and span as when she set off. Photo; Newick

Plate 27:
The contestants in the 1968 Single-Handed Transatlantic Race. (photographer unknown)

Plate 28:
‘Cheers’ racing with Newick’s third trimaran, the 36ft Trice, in some breeze. ‘Cheers’ is considerably faster under these conditions. Photo; Newick

The original cover image:

This was the original cover photo for the book Project Cheers, published in 1969. It was taken by Dick Newick in St Croix, USVI. You can see Buck Island in the back ground.


Thank you to Halsted Morris who found the Henle album and had it digitized. Locating and digitizing other photos was a challenge and many of the above are secondary scans.

Drawings of the boat can be found on “The Boat” page.

Maps can be found on “The Event” page.


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