The Team

The core team of Project Cheers in 1968, was Jim Morris, Dick Newick, and Tom Follett. The book adds details on the contributions of many others. morris-newick-follett

Jim Morris, Dick Newick, Tom Follet as photographed in 1968 by Fritz Henle in St. Croix, USVI.

About Jim Morris: A Postscript authored by Halsted Morris, one of Jim and Tootie’s two children can be seen HERE:
Jim Morris portrait by Fritz Henle

About Dick Newick

Additional commentary/anecdotal contributions from friends and family will eventually be added to this website. There is presently a good page created by Joseph Oster, that is full of links and info on Dick Newick’s work. You can link to ‘dicknewickboats’ here.
Portrait of Dick Newick by Fritz Henle 1968

About Tom Follett
Portrait of Tom Follett by Fritz Henle



More on the team soon…

4 thoughts on “The Team

  1. The success of Cheers convinced me of the benefits a well designed multihull offered and when Tom Follett demonstrated Three Cheers prior to the ’76 OSTAR, I was inspired to build one for myself. With much advice and support from Dick she was launched in 1990 and I am still sailing her today. I could not have built a more suitable boat for my purpose. She is called ‘Slainte’ which is Gaelic for ‘Cheers’


  2. I just found an old letter, schematics and a very nice Kodak print of the captain and boat all pertaining to the proposal to the race in my late grandfather’s belongings. I might be the first person to have laid eyes upon this in a little over 50 years and was not surprised to see some information about it on the web.


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