About this site

Russell and Ashlyn Brown of Port Townsend Watercraft have long been fans of Proas and of Dick Newick’s beautiful multihull designs. This website has been created to compliment the re-publishing of the book, Project Cheers, the proceeds of which go to the Newick family.

The idea to republish the book came about at the discovery of just how difficult it is to get a first edition copy. As multihulls begin to dominate ocean sailing records, and the proa concept is being more widely explored, the families of the authors of Project Cheers agreed the time has come to make this story more available to this generation of sailing enthusiasts. The OSTAR and now TWOSTAR are still happening!

We have endeavored to produce a book true to the original as closely as possible given today’s self publishing options. With this site, we hope to highlight the pictures in the book and updated information since that amazing race in 1968.

Thank you for visiting.

Ashlyn Brown